Pickering Web Design Services
Complete Package

We can provide you with a complete design and development package including: purchasing a domain name, providing web site hosting, writing content, preparing graphics and photography, designing and coding the site, creating or purchasing and installing any software needed on the hosting server for calendars, databases, and/or search functions, purchasing and installing maintenance software, and training staff members.


If you already have a site, we can provide pieces of our complete package as well as re-designing or fixing the code of existing pages, adding additional features, providing more reliable or cheaper hosting and training staff on updates and maintenance.


In the past, your website may have been provided by a volunteer or "friend of a friend". This may be your first professionally developed website. We provide professional services but we also appreciate the limited budgets of small organizations. We get to know your organization and your capabilities before we make our proposal. We provide a flat-rate quote and we meet our deadlines. Call or email me and let's talk what you want to do. I can give you a ballpark figure without any committment by either of us. Don't worry, we keep our client's information confidential.